Thank you to all who joined our recently concluded #PaskoSaAgosto2017 Giveaway!!! Thank you to the host, Mommy Rubz, and the other participating bloggers! I hope to do this again with you next year.

With that said, here is the winner of our Redlane Geraine/Top 31 Super Juice Bicol Giveaway. Congratulations!!!

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Howdy folks! It’s been three years since I last posted on this blog. So forgive me if my English is rusty and my writing is stiff. So I’ll make this short and sweet for you guys, cuz I know you’re all here for the PASKO SA AGOSTO GIVEAWAY CARAVAN 2017.

The Pasko sa Agosto Caravan was initiated by Mommy Rubz (as we call her) of Pinay Mommy Online way back in 2013. The idea is for participating bloggers to host a giveaway in their own blogs, list down the giveaway posts of the other bloggers, so that the contestants can easily hop from one blog to the next and easily join all the giveaways. Thus, with so many bloggers participating and with variety of prizes offered, there‘s more chances of winning for the contestants. It was so much fun! I had a great time participating as host and joining as a contestant. So when I saw that there’d be another one this 2017, I did not hesitate to join.

So before I talk about my giveaway, here’s the list of the participating blogs! Be sure to visit all of them to win exciting prizes, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! 


So let me give you a brief background of the products that I’m giving away. To celebrate my comeback to the blogging world (haha, so dramatic) and the turn in which this blog is going to take from now on – mindfulness, self-improvement, meditation, natural healing, etc. – I have decided to give away a product that I’ve gotten to know just the past couple of months. 

Both products are from the TOP Global Wellness Corporation which will be celebrating their third year anniversary this August. Top Global Wellness Corporation is company built by naturopathic practitioners and medical professionals. What I love about this company is not only do they offer health products but also offer naturopathic consultations. They aim to help individuals improve health conditions through alternative health care and naturopathic science. And based on the numerous testimonials that they’ve had, their recommendations work!

So here are the products that I’ll be giving away! The prizes are sponsored by TOP 31 Juice Bicol but these are also my personal recommendations! I use them and I love them!


TOP 31 Super Juice Drink is a nutritional supplement  that has a synergistic combination of  31 fruits and vegetables which “pre-digests” all the nutrition that the human body needs  and holistically treats illnesses through detoxification, provision of nutrients, and cell regeneration.

It helps cure and prevent cancer, asthma, allergies, arthritis, chronic body pain, myoma, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, hyperacidity, migraine, kidney disease, prostate paralysis, weak immune system, erectile dysfunction, infertility, colon problem, ovarian problem, and poor memory. It is ideal to be used in detoxification of the body or just an ordinary juice drink for kids and adults. 


The TOP Miracle Drops has passed tests of international and local standards. It can be used as shampoo and hair conditioner to prevent and cure dandruff, gray and damaged hair, baldness, lice. Following special instructions, it can also be used as eye drops to cure cataract, pteredium and sore eyes. It is used as a facial wash and facial toner to prevent and cure pimples/acne, skin discoloration, and white/blackheads. You can also use it as a mouthwash and toothpaste to prevent tartar, bad breath, and toothache. Used also as a deodorant to prevent bacteria causing odor. 

It can be used to prevent UTI, itchiness, skin dryness, wound, inflammation, allergy, irritation, varicose, muscle pain, mumps, bruises, warts, ear problem, hyperacidity, skin problem, hangover due to drunkenness, stomach ache, gastric pains and ulcers, food poisoning, sinusitis, athlete’s foot, and hemorrhoids.

It can be used as a feminine wash, body scrub, veggie-wash, rice-wash, pet cleanser to wash off lice and ticks, fertilizer, pesticide, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial detergent. Wow, so many uses! No wonder it’s called a miracle drop. 


1. TOP 31 Super Juice Drink
2. TOP Miracle Drops
3. Written instructions on how to use these products and other product information. 
4. A phone number to call for more health-related questions in regard to these products. 


1. This giveaway is open to all @TOP31SuperJuiceBicol page fans so be sure to like their page to qualify.

2. You must have a Philippine address. 


1. Share this giveaway on Facebook (Make sure it’s PUBLIC so we can see).

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To make it easy for you, here’s a sample:
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It’s so easy, right? So join now and be the lucky winner!!! 

Giveaway ends August 31st, 2017, 11:59 PM Manila! 

Thank so much for dropping by! Hope to see you again on my blog! 

Pink Roses

I'd like to greet Beverly of How Sweet The Sound

Happy Six Years of Pink Saturday! 

These roses are from my mother's small garden. It is so hot here, we're in the summer season in this tropical country of ours. I had to gather all of the roses a few days ago, before they wither due to heat. They smell so divine that my sister wanted to make aromatherapy oil out of them though she doesn't know how. Thank God it rained last night. There are fresh blooms this morning. 

Fresh From The Garden

Orange You Glad It's Friday

One of the perks of living in a rural area, up in the mountains, is being able to enjoy fresh produce day in and day out. Yesterday (or was it the other day) one of the neighbors brought us some fresh tomatoes from her garden. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

A Peek at Caliraya Resort Club

My hubby and his office mates from his old company had their team building in Caliraya Resort Club twice in the past couple of years. Caliraya Resort Club is located in the Lumban, Laguna in the shoreline of the man-made Caliraya Lake.

I was delighted to see this photo of the House of Prayers which is located inside the resort. I'm glad to know that in this place for sports and recreation, there's a special left for meditation and prayers.  

House of Prayers
My husband had a great time in the two occasions he's been at Caliraya, mostly due to the camaraderie he shared with his group and also because of the different activities the resort has to offer, from water sports to horseback riding, to table games and even earth ball. One has just to look at this map to know that the resort offers so many amenities and activities for attendees of team building and other special events.

Map of amenities and facilities at Caliraya
Once he had dropped off  the bag he had packed for the team building, off he went walking and  wandering around the resort, running down hilly terrains and just enjoying the natural environment and breathing the fresh air.  How I wish I was there, even once, lol. :) 

For wall climbers?
I find these houses/cottages interesting. Hubby said maybe their for club members or maybe they're individuals, not group or company. 

Houses/individual cottages for members?
Oh, at last, some flowers!

I'm happy that my husband enjoyed their stay in Caliraya. It's not every day that he gets immersed with nature and all these beautiful greenery. 

Some day, in another life, I want to go horseback riding. Wishful thinking, my slipped disc won't allow me to ride a horse. But still they're beautiful creatures aren't they?

The orange in this photo is dedicated to Orange You Glad It's Friday. This suddenly reminded me that my hubby is in need of a bigger and more durable bag that he could use for his out of town trips. I looked online and found that The North Face has the perfect bag that I’ve been looking for. I will probably order this online through Zalora Philippines so as to avoid the hassle of going to the mall. If you’re on the lookout for good quality bags, Zalora has a big collection for you to choose from, so you might want to check it out.

So I found so many H words today. I hope my friends at ABC Wednesday are happy. If you're hoping to know more H words please don't forget to drop by at ABC Wednesday.